Montessori in Antigua

The Montessori School is the only institution in Antigua that follows closely the teachings of Maria Montessori.  The principal of the Montessori School is Mrs. Tania Williams (Association Montessori International Diploma).  Mrs. Williams has been at the helm of the school for over 20 years, and is supported by a qualified team of teachers including Ms. Nation, Mrs. Aubrey and Mrs. Thomas.   Children are accepted between 2 and 2 ½ years and remain until they are 5 years old.

The original headmistress was Mrs. Pitter who provided a nursery and primary school up to age 11 for local families.  Several generations of families have attended the Montessori school, including the parents of several children currently enrolled. The building itself is over 80 years old - 20 years with Ms. Williams at the helm - and has seen the nurturing and development of over 1,000 children.

The school year runs from September to July inclusive, with three weeks holidays at Christmas and two at Easter. There are three terms for the school year beginning September, January, and April respectively.

French, Spanish, Music and Drama are available once a week.  Once a month, the children are escorted to the nearby Senior’s Centre on Emms Drive where they interact with elderly citizens through song, dance and play.

Uniforms are available at Ankido on Nevis Street (268) 462-1192 .  All children are requested to wear Montessori printed T-shirts (on sale at the school) and white shorts on Thursday/Friday.

Children are requested to bring a lunch kit with a bottle of drinking water, a drink and nutritious snack for mid-morning break and those who stay until 2:00PM are to bring lunch. No gum, lollipops, sweets or sodas are allowed. On a child’s birthday, it is permissible to provide a cake to share with the class.  Please note that party bags are not allowed.